Specialists in...


  • Software Design
  • Database Systems
  • Database Integration Projects
  • Online Payments, eCommerce Solutions
  • Commercial Process
  • Custom Software 
  • Requirements Specification
  • Software Development Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Systems and Process Trouble-shooting
  • Web Design Management

Hosted Services

QuerySum is hosting a QR Code Management system, QR Secured, providing QR Management, Reporting and Re-Selling opportunities.


For more information see; QR Secured or telephone 020 3002 0539


Other Products

Q Contact Manager 



An online Contact Management system designed specially for small businesses.



  • Hosted system – no installation, upgrades, compatibility issues
  • Separate Desktop and Mobile versions
    • Desktop app designed around bulk data issues
      • Importing/exporting data
      • Producing call lists
      • Recording/viewing contact events
    • Mobile app designed to be used ‘on the go’
      • Calling up individual records
      • Instantly phoning or emailing contacts
      • View calendar of tasks
  • Simple price plan - monthly subscription


Please click here for a downloadable PDF